Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Anonymous orders

During the Checkout Process, you can enter a message and details of the sender and recipient for your order in the Gift Message section. If you do not edit the Gift Message section, the site will automatically set the name of the sender and recipient, based on the billing and shipping address details that you specify on your order. If you wish to send your order anonymously, please blank out the sender’s name on the gift message, and we will not mention the sender’s name at the time of delivery. If, however, the recipient insists on knowing who has sent the flowers, we will be constrained to provide the sender’s name to them. This information will be disclosed only after verifying the recipient, and only if they insist on obtaining the information.


Personal information

We will require your personal details such as telephone number and address at the time of booking an order.  We may use this information to send you information about your order and its delivery status, reminders to help you make a booking in the future, or to send you personalised offers or promotions from Tilia.

We assure you that under no circumstance will these be shared with anybody outside the company for any purpose other than for legal reasons, if at all applicable. Your payment details are processed by the third party payment gateway provider, and are not accessed by or visible to Tilia. 

Need Help ?

If you are experiencing any problem related to Product , Delivery or Payment. Please Call Us.